Low-Carb Recipes
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Egg Quiche
Almond Cookies
Baked Custard
BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Indian Red Curry
Pot Roast

Low carb diets popular with many people these days. South Beach, Atkins and Zone programs all promote dieting by eating less foods that contain high carbohydrates. Absolute Recipes does not personally endorse these diets due to the complications these kinds of programs might cause for people.

However, low carb recipes have their place in this world for people who want to minimize the intake of carbohydrates into their lifestyle whether for personal reasons or medical. This section is devoted to those who want to enjoy dishes with low carbohydrates for whatever reasons they have. Even if you are not on any specific diet, low carb or other, these recipes are delicious for whatever meal you choose to cook them up for.

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