Recipes for Parties
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Artichoke Dip
BBQ Chicken Wings
Bean Dip
Buffalo Wings
Chinese Chicken Wings
Deviled Eggs
Italian Bruschetta
Jalapeno Poppers
Mexican Layered Dip
Spinach Dip

Throwing a party and need a few ideas for finger food?

Here are some recipes that are easy to prepare yet with a little extra work can produce mass quantities of food. Impress your guest with something spicy like Jalapeno Poppers. Give them a taste of the Mediterranean with Italian Brushetta.

If you have a favorite party recipe that is not listed here and you want to share it, please send it on over!

Party Tips:

  1. There can never be too much food. If you have too many leftovers then pass them along to your closest friends to take home with them. Someone is always willing to take an extra piece of cake.
  2. Always plan for more people than you expect. You never know when someone might bring along a friend at the last minute.
  3. Have enough beverages on hand. Almost all parties end up short with somone having to make a run to the store.
  4. Invite a few close friends over early so that they can give you a hand with the final preperations.
  5. Try to get others to participate by having them bring a dish or drinks. This will save you money plus you will not have to manage so many leftovers when all is done.
  6. Finally, have fun. Parties are fun and so can preparing these recipes.
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